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Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver
Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in VancouverVancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in VancouverVancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in VancouverVancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in VancouverVancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in VancouverVancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in VancouverVancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in VancouverVancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver
Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver


Trestermonials - Vancouver Chiropractors

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

I began seeing Dr. Trester when I was 5 months pregnant – I was experiencing some increased back pain and wanted to resolve it as best as I could before delivery.  It was the first time I had visited a chiropractor after a negative experience 10 years prior.  Determined, I headed to my first appointment with a bit of trepidation, but I was hopeful as I had read, and heard, how beneficial chiropractic could be during pregnancy.

Fast forward a year, and not only am I going for regular weekly adjustments, but both my husband and son, who had his first adjustment at 12 days old, go as well.  My husband and I have really felt the benefits of regular adjustments, and we are sure our son has had a better chance at optimal health because of his bi-weekly adjustments.

Like any health professional, choosing a chiropractor is a very personal and important decision.  What brought me to Dr. Trester was a pamphlet at my midwives’ office.  What made my family stay with Dr. Trester was:

  • His overwhelming concern for, and commitment to, your health – body, mind, soul
  • The friendliness, warmth, and family-oriented atmosphere of the office
  • His belief that health is multi-faceted
  • His general knowledge about health and wellbeing, and the information he imparts to encourage optimal wellness
  • His dedication to making sure his clients are taken care of, especially in acute-pain situations
  • His scientific and holistic approach to chiropractic
  • Obvious and effective results
  • And last but not least, Shalene!

Chiropractic has been a health and perspective- changing experience for us, and we cannot imagine going forward in health without its positive impact.  Thank you Dr. T and Shalene – we are extremely grateful!

The H-W Family

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

skeptical: doubting: marked by or given to doubt; "a skeptical attitude"; "a skeptical listener"

It’s safe to say that was me 10 months ago when I first went to see Dr. Trester. I had friends who had gone to chiropractors for years and felt it worked for them, but I didn’t understand why you had to keep going to see them forever in order to feel better. Doctors give prescriptions and you get better – why weren’t chiropractors able to do the same? It didn’t make sense.

Then one day my middle finger started to go numb. Weird. Then some of my other fingers. Hmmm. Then up my arm to my shoulder. This isn’t good.

I must have pinched something. Massage felt good but didn’t change anything. Time for a new approach.

I had met Randall at a networking group and he was always gracious and friendly and kind. I thought I would go see what he said, and maybe with a little snap, crackle, pop, I’d be back to normal. But none of this weekly or forever stuff.

I was glad he suggested x-rays – something tangible to look at and see what to fix. I saw the pictures in the rooms showing the progression from a healthy spine to an unhealthy spine. Wow, the unhealthy spine must hurt.

Then he showed me my spine. Hang on – it looks just like the unhealthy spine! The one that must hurt!


As he outlined the treatment plan, it suddenly dawned on me. It’s taken me years to get my spine in the (bad) shape it’s in.  What on earth made me think that I could undo that damage in one or two sessions?

As I went through the treatments, the numbness went away. I started noticing my neck and shoulders weren’t as sore all the time. But the biggest surprise was when I gardened in the spring. I was lifting rocks and digging, laying landscape fabric and hauling bags of mulch. Normally I’d be taking Advil and feeling reeeeeally stiff and sore. But not this year – not at all! I felt great! Amazing, really. I couldn’t imagine that it would make that much difference. But it did.

So, I’m a believer. No longer a skeptic.  Excited to refer family and friends, and to tell them what a difference chiropractic can make in their daily lives.

Dr. Trester will tell you that the end, it’s about wellness. It’s not a quick fix, but a way to help get your body to a point where it can heal itself.

Now that makes perfect sense.

Sandi H.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

My Chiropractic Thought Adjustment
I was a carefully constructed sceptic when I first walked into Dr. Trester's office.

'I don’t need chiro - I do yoga.'
'I don’t need chiro - I just need a massage.'
'I don’t need chiro - I have excellent posture.'
'I don’t need chiro - it is too expensive.'

Benefits had brought me through the door. Curiosity had me come back.

Phase 3 spinal decay.  Initial care plan: $1,500. Ouch.

'I'll come for as long as I can afford.'

The adjustments were so simple:
TAP TAP on the feet
'Turn your head to the left'
'Turn your head to the right'
'And face down.'
TAP TAP TAP on the spine. Done.

It felt like he was individually tapping out all the bad bumps, emotional & physical, acquired over my life.

TAP...snowboarding whiplash
TAP...when my dad died
TAP...grade 10 rugby tackle

I felt lighter, happier, released from stress past. Unfortunately, my cook's budget could not afford this wondrous experiment to continue. I called to cancel my account. However, my regretful resolution was no match for Trester's conviction & I agreed to come in for another - 'one last' - appointment.

On the bus there, I noticed an elderly woman boarding. I noticed her stooped posture & her well-developed hump. Chiropractic should be part of the medical plan. On the table, I made a decision: Life had given me a generous opportunity & I had already come thus far, I may as well bite the budget and continue care. For what good is it to save to see the Great Pyramids if I can't look up at them properly?

Now, after seven months of Dr. Trester's chiropractic adjustments, my posture has improved, my yoga practice is stronger, & I no longer need to work out the knots in my shoulder blades out on doorjambs!  I dance in my living room again & I haven’t yet succumbed to a cold!

With deep gratitude to Dr. Trester, Shalene, & Organic Lives
Thank you for the life adjustment.

Darah F.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver


My name is Wes Steele, and like many of you, I am a proud patient of Dr. Trester.  However, if you have not yet decided to commit to chiropractic as a means of healing, then pay close attention to my story.  I pledge to you that the following story is not fabricated or embellished upon in any way, nor am I receiving any monetary gain from doing this.  My only goal in writing this is to inform you that chiropractic is “THE REAL DEAL” and help you understand just how much it can help.

The next time you happen to visit Dr. Trester’s office, take a stroll past Shalene’s desk (more on her later) and head towards the water cooler.  Notice the 18 liter jugs of water sitting on the floor?  Perhaps even try picking one of those up.  Pretty damn heavy isn’t it?  In case you were wondering, it’s about 45lbs.  That’s what I currently do for a living.  I deliver an average of 130 jugs daily to various residences and businesses across Vancouver.  That’s nearly 6,000lbs of water that I carry every day.  Yes that’s right ladies (wink), but I digress.  Needless to say, my back never stood a chance.

Right around Christmas time of 2011, I pulled up to Dr. Trester’s office to make my regularly scheduled delivery.  I grabbed 2 jugs of water from my truck, took 3 steps towards the door when it happened....  My back had officially gone on holidays early.  I quickly put the bottles down before collapsing onto my knees in absolute agony.  I remained in intense pain for the next 2 minutes, though it seemed much longer.  Eventually the pain subsided and I completed my delivery, although each step was taken with extreme caution and angst.  “How could this be happening to me?” I wondered.  I had no prior back issues and was only 2 months removed from my 26th birthday.  Something had to be done....

I wasn’t sure what course of action to take with regards to treatment for my back pain, but I can tell you that I had not really considered chiropractic as an option.  Now I know there are many skeptics when it comes to chiropractic.  You may very well be one yourself.  As for me, I was not skeptical, however I was under-informed.  As fate would have it, Dr. Trester offered me a free consultation as a Christmas gift...probably for the quality service that I had provided for him over the past year.  I thought to myself, “what have I got to lose?”

Within 2 weeks, I visited Dr. Trester to learn more about how chiropractic could help me.  Now I can’t sit here and pretend like I fully understand exactly how chiropractic helps the body to heal.  If you have any questions, you need to ask Dr. Trester.   To the best of my knowledge, here’s what I know...  Chiropractic is about putting the body into the best position, or state, so that the body is able to heal itself.  I’ll admit that I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant at the time, but I was sold regardless.

It didn’t take long to realize that I had struck gold.  After just 2 appointments, I could actually feel more strength in my lower back, as well as more mobility and less tension in my neck and shoulders area.  I cannot begin to describe the feeling of elation that I had from being able to literally feel immediate results.  Now I must preface by stating that, as with anything involving the human body, results may vary.  We’re all unique individuals and we all react differently to different things.  Whatever the case may be, I implore you to stick with it.  Even if you don’t experience the same immediate results that I was fortunate to have, incredible results could be just around the corner for you.

So here I am about 8 months later...still on the healing path, but feeling 100x better.  The most important thing is that I can trust my body again.  As a result, I’m able to once again freely enjoy the many leisure activities that our beloved city has to offer.  I want to thank you for taking the time to read about my story.  I hope this tips the scales for you in favor of chiropractic.  Not to satisfy any agendas, but simply for the sole purpose of you feeling better.  I’ll see you on the healing path my friends.

Before I leave you, let’s revisit the front desk shall we.  See the lovely and talented blonde woman sitting there?  Her name is Shalene.  Every time you walk in, you’ll be greeted by this wonderful woman.  She always has the biggest smile on her face, and her everlasting positive personality makes you feel so welcomed when you arrive for your adjustment.  Seriously folks, I’ve never seen the woman frown EVER!!!  Once again, her name is Shalene...I call her “Columbo”, but you can call her the “MVP”.  She genuinely cares about everyone and goes the extra mile to accommodate you.  Need to reschedule an appointment?  She’ll work with you to find a suitable date and time.  Running a bit late?  She’ll try to squeeze you in wherever possible.  Her efforts, along with the Doc’s, combine for a real unique and special atmosphere, unmatched anywhere else in Vancouver.

A special thanks to both of you from the bottom of my heart.


Wes S.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"My story would be very different if I were telling it 6 months ago than the one I am able to tell today.

I have suffered from severe back pain and headaches half of my life. I didn't know what it was like to not have headaches every week and to have constant tightness, tension and pain in my neck and back. I was in a car accident many years earlier and had stresses in my life as we all do but I couldn't understand how either of these things could cause such distress to my body for so many years.

I tried everything. Seeing various doctors, massage therapists, physio therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors. All promised it was nothing serious and if I kept coming I would feel better. This wasn't making sense I did keep going and I was far from better, it seemed I was getting worse.

A month before seeing Dr. Trester I realized I definitely was getting worse. The headaches were now daily and debilitating, my back seemed to have seized up and I could barely turn my head - it had never been this bad.

Someone very close to me referred me to Dr. Trester and if it wasn't for him I don't think I would have given it a try, I had lost faith that anyone could help me.

Upon arriving at the office, I was greeted by Shalene. She had a beautiful smile and such a warm endearing personality - she gave me a glimmer of hope I was in the right place.

My first appointment with Dr. Trester was about the process and starting to educate me. I have to admit I was extremely frustrated when I found out I wouldn't be having a treatment. I had come to him in pain, I didn't want to watch a video and take x-rays...little did I know I would look back on this as the beginning of all the good to come.

I like to refer to my second appointment with Dr. Trester as my "light bulb moment"...as Oprah would say. As Dr. Trester showed and explained my x-rays to me my emotion was bittersweet. I could not believe in all the years nobody had taken an x-ray and I couldn't believe the condition of my spine - it was actually scary to see. I finally understood this pain wasn't in my head, it was very real and serious and Dr. Trester understood. There was a tremendous amount of healing in having this knowledge alone. I needed no further confirmation; I knew this would be the start of my journey to recovery.

Dr. Trester has been treating me for 6 months. It hasn't been easy but he has been empathetic, patient and understanding the whole way. I received my diploma and graduated to the wellness program (my maintenance treatments) a few weeks ago. Dr. Trester has given me a part of my life back. I now rarely have headaches and I have normal movement back in all the areas I was suffering. I am able to look forward to continuing my healing and living a healthy life.

Dr. Trester and Shalene had faith and believed in my healing for me until I was able to do so for myself.

I am truly grateful to you Dr. Trester, thank you so very much."

Lisa C.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"I started my chiropractic care with Dr. Trester well over a year ago now...almost 2 years ago.

After a few weeks of regular appointments, I noticed a huge difference in my range of motion with my neck. I had no idea that I wasn't "truly" shoulder checking effectively or at least that I could be seeing a lot more than I was. I am amazed at how much further I can check now.

After completing their suggested care program I graduated to wellness care and have been seeing Dr. T religiously every 2 weeks.

As well, I have been a committed flag football player for almost 14 years now. Even though we are technically a non-contact sport...things happen on the field. After my games, I really need to see Dr. T. I walk into his office feeling stiff, sore and sometimes in pain from collisions that happened during the weekend games. But after my adjustments, I am ready for another weekend of football. I don't know that I would be a benefit to the team without Dr. T. So thanks fo contributing to my game.

So from the bottom of my heart Dr. T, thank you for taking care of me."

Jackelyn T.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"Growing up, I started playing sports at a young age beginning with softball, tennis and golf around age 5, then moving onto volleyball, basketball, badminton and track & field in high school. Teammates commonly experienced injuries, and I always considered myself extremely lucky to not have incurred any specific ones over the years myself - but I would often have a sore back and neck.

It wasn't until a few years later that things started to feel like they were really headed downhill. For almost 2 years I worked full time as a Medical Laser Technician and as a server part-time causing a lot of physical strain and lack of sleep. I began to have severe pain and clicking in my shoulder that made my work days pretty much unbearable.

Along with quitting my serving job and cutting down hours at my clinic, I also tried everything from physio, IMS, rolfing, massage therapy, infrared saunas, acupuncture and even painkillers to try and achieve some sort of relief. I had known Dr. Trester for a few years, but only recently in the last 6 months began to understand what he really did as a Chiropractor. I had seen a few other Chiropractors in the past and always felt the appointments were not customized to my specific concerns.

Dr. Trester pays particular attention to not only the areas that are causing me pain at the time, but to the overall wellness of the body. It's been a little over 6 months since my first adjustment with Dr. Trester and I can now say that I have more pain-free days in a week than not, and I look forward to more improvement in the future."

Clancy M.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"Ever since my mom's poor experience with a chiropractor, I've been wary. Although I'd had ongoing back pain and stiffness for years, I accepted it and carried on until I experienced the worst pain shooting through my back. So I called Dr. Trester.

From the very first visit, I was impressed! Shalene put my nerves at ease with her warm welcome. And after just one adjustment with Dr. Trester, I started to feel better than I had in years.

My back pain and stiffness have dramatically improved. I feel full of vitality and am able to enjoy being active without some of the limitations I was previously experiencing.

Now I see Dr. Trester regularly to keep improving my back and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Katherine C.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

Hi, my name is Raj Toor and I would like to thank Dr. Trester. I have gone everywhere looking for help. I went for x-rays, ct scans, specialists, physiotherapy and even another chiropractor but no one could give me any answers. I was having trouble all over and it had gotten to the point where every step I took was painful. I was starting to feel miserable and that is not who I am. I've always been happy go lucky. This pain was changing the way I looked at life, loss of confidence and joy. Then one day, I went to get a massage hoping it would help. While I was there I was lucky enough that wonderful lady name Michelle recommended Dr. Trester. She told me he had helped her a great deal. So I made an appointment, came in and saw the doc. He took x-rays and explained things, explained the x-rays to me and put me on a 6 month care plan. At first I didn't notice much relief and I thought here I go again, same story different characters, but after a few treatments went by, I started feeling better and better and now walking is not a chore. I'm back to being happy go lucky with lots of confidence. It's an on-going process but with every treatment, I get closer to my goals and I am grateful that I came here and that I still continue to come here. So in short, I can't thank you enough Dr. Trester. You're a life saver. Oh and I would also like to thank Shalene for always juggling my appointments and keeping everything so organized.

Raj T.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

I was a chiropractor, practicing in Vancouver from June 1954 to February 28/1987 32 years. During this time my family and my patients became my major priorities in life. I struck a balance between these priorities which allowed me ample time to remain dedicated to the wellbeing of my patients and therefore, my practice grew to a point where I needed an associate to help me. Because I married the right woman and because we worked so efficiently together, I was able to retire three months into my 56th year. Obviously, over a 32 year period I had the opportunity to identify with the skills of my peers. I state the above only to allow the reader to appreciate the fact that I am truly qualified to make accurate judgments' regarding the varied facets of Chiropractic practices and the skills of those who practice it.

Our athletic, oldest son rugby, soccer, baseball certainly received treatments from me over the years for his various injuries. I must admit to being delighted when I realized that Dr. Trester had taken over his care. So Doreen & I just had to meet Randall & Shalene which we did in April of 2010 when they had a booth at the Wellness show. Within 5 minutes of being in their presence an aura of sincerity and integrity seemed to envelop Doreen & I to such a degree that I stated to Dr. Trester & Shalene that they were both people whom Doreen & I would like to have out at our home. Now in 53 years of marriage I have never said such a thing without first checking with Doreen, but somehow, I just knew she would agree and, of course, she did & we have been fine friends ever since.

Dr. Randall Trester: Here is a Chiropractor who shares my philosophy of Chiropractic. Here is a Chiropractor that remains dedicated to the wellbeing of his patients just as I was for 32 years. Here is a man with extensive knowledge in the Health Sciences and a man with superlative skills in the application of his Chiropractic techniques.

Shalene Trester: Here is a wife, also decided to the wellbeing of every patient she so personally greets in the office on the phone.

Randall & Shalene: Here is a team that co-ordinates an enhancing atmosphere whenever in their presence. Every visit, an overall therapeutic experience from the waiting room to the treatment room.

Randall & Shalene: How fortunate that we, our friends & family members have found you two. They & we will all be enhanced both mentally and physically in the life because we are in your care.

Doreen, 79 years old and me at 81 years old still require Chiropractic treatments, not because we have been suffering any major incapacities but because even the minor afflictions which we have can be treated successfully by Chiropractic adjustments. At our stage of life, degenerative changes have developed in our spines which can impair our neural integrity. Well not in Dr. Randall Trester has anything to do with it. He is devoted to keeping us in as good a health as possible & we have benefitted greatly.

Doreen & Dr. Jack L.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

Upon my meeting Dr. Trester for the first time in April, 2010, he suggested regular Chiropractic Treatments can help to identify and correct little problems before they become serious.

I wish to improve my wellbeing because, even though I am 79 years of age, there are many days when that age is just a number because I enjoy a very active life.

My first visit to his office was April 28, 2011 at which time I was welcomed with such warmth and sincerity by Shalene – Dr. Trester’s most charming wife and receptionist.

For 20 years swelling of my feet, ankles and legs was the norm whenever I was on long driving trips by car or travelled long distances by plane.  Acupuncture helped but only for a short time.  A bilateral ligation had been performed on the saphenous veins but did not correct the problem completely.

As of September 20, 2011, after many Chiropractic Treatments from Dr. Trester, the circulation in my legs, feet, and ankles had improved so greatly that during and after a recent 2 week driving trip of 5100 KM there was no swelling in those lower extremities.

My lumbar spine has been strengthened to a point that I am no longer susceptible to the physical stresses that I was subject to previously.

Because some of my friends and family know I am absolutely delighted with the results of my Chiropractic Treatments from Dr. Trester, I have suggested that if they want “Only the Best” they visit this office.

Doreen L

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"In 2001, I had my first experience with back pain. I later found out it was Spondylolisthesis, which means I have pain every day. I tried physio, acupuncture, chiro, massage, and various other remedies.

My fiance passed me a coupon for Dr. Trester's office. Only 8 months later, I'm feeling great! A big part of that is the help I have received from this office.

As Dr. Trester will tell you, your spine is integral to the proper functioning of your entire body. Take care of it and you will feel your best all the time. When you don't feel great, come back into the office. Or like me, don't ever leave!"

Congratulations Jill! We're proud of you for taking control of your overall health and wellness.

Jill D

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

My spine was in pretty bad shape.  I wasn’t able to breathe properly, as Dr. Trester discovered that my rib had been slightly pushing on my lung.  My neck was constantly “cracking” every time I stretched it, and I always felt like I had a knot above my right shoulder blade and tightness in my jaw.

I had received massage therapy for many of my symptoms, providing great initial relief.  A few days later, unfortunately, the pain would always return.

I was looking for another option; something that would provide me with lasting results.  After meeting Dr. Trester, I decided chiropractic might be the answer.

I had seen a chiropractor a few years earlier, but I was not introduced to any type of care plan, only the suggestion to come in once in a while for an adjustment.  Without being given the right information, I was not aware that this approach wasn’t actually helping me heal, only giving me temporary relief, must like the massage therapy.

I felt very welcomed at Dr. Trester’s office.  The atmosphere is very relaxing and engaging, providing an overall positive environment.  Dr. Trester is always very explanatory and careful in his practice, and Shalene’s positivity is very refreshing. 

A first I wasn’t sure it would work, as I didn’t feel any results right away.  But I was determined to give it a real shot, so I kept all my appointments, and did all the stretches Dr. Trester gave me to do during the week.  After a while, I started to notice some differences in how I felt.  Now, at the end of my treatment, most of the pain that I began treatment with has dissipated.

I no longer have trouble breathing, my muscles are not tense like they used to be, and the tightness in my jaw is much more beatable now after chiropractic treatment.  I feel like my range of motion has increased, and the results have motivated me to continue improving my health through preventative chiropractic, yoga, dance, and active living.

I did not truly understand the health benefits of chiropractic treatment until I felt them for myself.  I am very impressed with the results Dr. Trester has helped me achieve, and I couldn’t be happier to have found a treatment that actually works.

Ashley K

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"Thanks Dr. Trester and Shalene for your flexibility and always making it work for me when I have to rechedule appointments. You Rock! I always look forward to coming and seeing you both. As you can see, "Alex" the monkey is very much appreciated. He has been biking around Stanley Park with us, joined many picnics downtown, and gets "special treatments" at nighttime."

Kerstin + Joshua

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"I came to see Dr. Trester about my lower back pain. I had never seen a chiropractor before and was a little unsure. Shalene made me feel welcome the first time I visited, and Dr. Trester was professional, knowledgeable, and approachable. He truly cares about his patients and never rushes through his appointment. He always has time to listen and answer questions.

After 5 months, I have less headaches and less lower back pain. I have more energy and I am happier because my body is getting the help that it needs.

If you are determined to getting healthier, then you should definitely come see Dr. Trester. With his adjustments, recommendations, and homework, slow and surely you will notice change."

Jenny C.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"I came to Dr. Trester a desperate woman. For 18 months I'd been suffering from two herniated discs which resulted in sciatica and intense, chronic lower back pain. I went from running marathons to laying on the couch idle. All the doctors said the same thing: "Sorry kid, you're going to have back pain forever."

Then I met Dr. Trester. From the get-go, he treated me with professionalism, optimism and genuine kindness. He was in my corner, and I knew it! I felt he was as committed to my recovery as I was.

With regular adjustments, a series of stretches, and ongoing good care, I started to see results immediately. Within a month, I was jogging again. Within 3, I was working out with my trainer doing planks without back pain (a small yet mighty victory!).

I am confident that with ongoing wellness care and Dr. Trester on my side, I will achieve my goal of running a half marathon this Fall. Dr. T literally gave me back my life."

Kim McMullen

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

"I started seeing Dr Trester following a minor skating fall. A loss of strength in my left shoulder pushed me to seek out help. There were many other warning signs unrelated to the skating incident - aches/pains/stiffness, headaches, and a loss of flexibility. I had visited chiropractors in the past but had mostly viewed them as a short term solution.

From the first visit my experience with Dr Trester was different and very welcoming. I noticed small improvements and felt pain relief almost immediately. Within 2 to 3 months of treatment felt like I was 10 years younger! My mobility and flexibility have improved, I've lost nearly all of the small aches and pains, my recovery time is hugely improved, and I have much more energy in general.?

Now, my wife and newborn daughter also see Dr Trester regularly. The benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments can't be overstated!"

Rafe Hatfield

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

When I first came to Dr. Trester, my back and neck were in such bad shape, I couldn't sit longer than 15 minutes. I would have sharp pains going up from my back to my neck and it made driving very difficult. I also had a hard time breathing. I was not able to do shoulder checks and felt very uncomfortable during meetings with my clients. This was a huge problem as more than 50% of my time at work is on the road and meeting clients. Friends recommended Dr. Trester to me and I decided I had to give it a try. Having treatments for about 4 months, I have to say my back is almost 100 percent and my neck is much improved. It was a great experience from start to finish. The office was always flexible in booking my appointments and changing them whenever I had urgent matters arise at work. The office environment was always positive, pleasant and comfortable. Dr. Trester's chiropractic treatments have increased the quality of my life both professionally and personally. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Tresters services

Jasvir Mann, Ansatel Communications Inc.

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Dear Team Trester

I wanted to thank you both for the contribution you've made to my all-around health this winter. It really has made a difference for me. Not only is my back feeling better than it has in the past couple of years, but also your nurturing, hospitable friendliness/kindness has encouraged my soul.

Visiting your office has been like a little vacation from the gloominess of the winter season for me.

I just wanted to say: you do good work.

Alysa P.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

When my wife came home from her first adjustment she felt great, her back had been hurting for quite some time and she was very pleased with the results she had on the very first day with Dr. Trester. She convinced me to see Dr. Trester and at first, while hesitant, I made the trip and am grateful that I made the right choice. I had never received any treatments other than painkillers for my neck pain. I knew that simply taking a few pills was definitely not the right answer and was actually looking forward to my first appointment. I had a great initial visit and my previous misconceptions and fears about, “getting my bones cracked back into place,” were addressed by Dr. Trester in a professional and informative way.
Overall, the medical attention I received from Dr. Trester was first rate, and especially pleasing was the genuinely friendly approach of Shalene, her great attitude, and flexibility in accommodating my busy schedule was a huge factor in building a wellness plan into to my hectic day. I am glad that my wife had convinced me to go and I am glad that today my neck and back pain are reduced to the point where I can function productively the entire day.

Moreover, the attitude towards my health has been transformed into the concept of striving for “wellness” through ongoing care and proper care for my health. Currently, our two year old daughter is also an early student of wellness. She is comfortable with Dr. Trester and enjoys her adjustments, she is noticeably relaxed after her treatments and this is much appreciated. Both my wife and I are pleased that she is responding so well. We are also glad that we can instil the philosophy of life long family wellness for our daughter from such an early age.  Thank you

The Kailays

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

I successfully relocated from Europe to Vancouver at the end of 2009 and the following year seemed to be both emotionally and physically a challenging year. After  suffering from headaches, tension headaches, stiff shoulder and neck, dizziness and vertigo for nine months and numerous unsuccessful visits at different doctors to identify the cause and find a solution for the afore mentioned problems I started my own research on the internet. There was a lot of information out there but chiropractic seemed to come up over and over again. At that time I did not have a clue what chiropractic was but I had nothing to loose. So, once again, with the help of the internet I found Dr. Trester.

I remember, the first time I saw him I was so desperate that when he asked me how I was doing I burst into tears. How embarrassing I thought to myself. But Dr. Trester’s friendly and caring but yet professional manner made it quickly clear for me that I was in the right place. As a result of the examination it turned out that my neck had not only lost its natural curve but actually was curving in the other direction which put pressure on my nerves. Finally I had the answer! Already after the first treatment I felt much better. No vertigo attacks ever since!!! I would not want to miss any treatment because with every adjustment I felt better and better. In the meantime I am in Wellness care and almost back to normal. J Although the natural curve of my neck cannot be completely restored again but it still can be improved. I feel excellent and healthy again, no aggravating headaches or dizziness anymore.

I am absolutely convinced that the adjustments also helped to activate the self healing process of my body, which was crucial at that time, and therefore I successfully recovered from my surgery and treatments without any complications. During all that time I could trust Dr. Trester who was a great help and support. We scheduled my adjustments around my radiation treatment and he gave referrals to other great professionals who also supported my healing process.

An unexpected and surprising “side effect” of the adjustments is a painless period. During my whole life I suffered from extremely painful periods and only painkillers made the first day bearable. Not since I started my chiropractic treatments! This is again a proof for me that whatever happens during an adjustment it has an effect on our body!

Dr. Trester, since no words can really express how grateful I am for your commitment and all your help I’d just like to say THANK YOU!

Anett F.

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

I broke my back 5 years ago, while cliff jumping in Greece.  I had immediate surgery where they used pins to help heal my spine, a year later the pins were removed.  I was told I didn’t need to do any follow-up activities but I felt that I should do something as so many people have back problems. 
I randomly met Dr. Trester and Shalene at a tradeshow, about 8 months ago and they offered to do an initial consultation.  I had never seen a chiropractor before and was a little unsure how it would help me and if I would actually see results.  After the initial consultation, which included x-rays, Dr. Trester explained the condition of my spine, I hadn’t really thought there would be anything wrong but I actually there was a lot of damage and decay, and came up with a treatment plan.   I was shocked with how intense it was and didn’t know if I was ready for that type of commitment.  I was expecting it to be more like once per month, not 3 times a week!  However he said that at the end of my care plan he would take more x-rays and I would be able to see the results so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it; I decided to proceed, as preventative care.

Within about 3 weeks of starting my care plan I could actually feel the results.  Before I would get lower back pain from time to time, but as I continued with my treatment it became less and less.  I don’t even notice it anymore and I feel like my posture has improved.  Not only could I feel a change the final x-rays actually showed a real improvement in my spine.  I am glad that I randomly met Shalene and Dr. Trester, their office is very friendly and welcoming and I enjoy my visits.  They are also very accommodating with schedules and working around people’s lives!


Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

I started coming to Dr. Trester in February 2010 after seeking help from health professionals for a month or so after a bad car accident that happened on December 20, 2009.  I had significant soft tissue damage, whiplash and excruciating pain in my neck, back and hips.  I was completely frustrated by doctors that told m e that time would heal the injuries and the pain would eventually go away.  I even had one doctor as me if I had a boyfriend and to have him give me a back massage. 

Dr. Trester was referred to be by a friend and I decided to give it a try.  I decided on chiropractic care due to the pain and the chronic pain in my neck and back which was preventing me from getting a full night of sleep.  I have never been to a chiropractor before and I was extremely skeptical and unsure it was the right treatment for me to undertake.

The first day of my treatments I was living with chronic pain and extremely emotional.  Dr. Trester seemed to actually care about me and reassured me that he could help me to the path of recovery.
Dr. Trester took x-rays of my back and neck. My second consultation Dr. Trester set out to explain the x-ray results and to discuss what my treatment would look like.  I have Stage Two Spinal Decay and my neck is curving in the wrong direction.  I was told by Dr. Trester that I would have to come in regularly for six months.  I was extremely upset by this news.  I left the appointment thinking to myself – this is the only body that I have and it has serious issues.  I was surprised to receive a phone call from Dr. Trester later that evening to see how I was holding up.

It was the first time any health professional had expressed genuine concern for my well being and I started to feel like I had someone who had my back – literally.  It’s not everyday a relative stranger takes the time to ask “Are you okay?” With those three words I knew that I had someone who was dedicated to helping me get back on track.

Over the next six months of regulare treatment I started to feel a significant decrease in the pain in my neck and back.  I no longer have to live with the chronic pain that I was suffering from before my treatment started with Dr. Trester.

Dr. Trester and his skills as a chiropractor have enhanced my overall well being and I am living with less frequent bouts of pain.  I have already told many friends and family about the positive effects chiropractic care has been for me. 

Thank you Dr. Trester!

Robyn Pinese

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

For most of my life, I’ve endured varying degrees of back pain: a torn rotator cuff here, a low-back injury there, a concussion in my childhood.  I’ve seen chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists and personal trainers, but they never help for long.  The constant pain affected my relationships and my quality of life.  I was tired and grumpy all the time and I felt like an old man, even through I’m only in my mid-thirties. 

After finding Dr. Trester in the Georgia Straight’s “Best in Vancouver” list, I called Shalene to set up a consultation.  I was impressed that Dr. Trester spent two whole hours with me and took a full set of x-rays before even attempting an adjustment.  I also appreciated that he took the time to educate me about my body and answer my questions.

My treatment wasn’t easy: I had ignored my spine for nearly two decades, and I had some serious problems.  As we worked together to re-educate my body, some weeks were harder than others.  I usually didn’t feel like doing my stretches or my exercises, but I did them anyway.  Before long, and for the first time I could remember, I had a few pain-free days in a row.  It was as if someone had turned on the lights.

Weeks later, I’ve “graduated” and I’m now seeing Dr. Trester twice monthly.  My body responds amazingly well to each adjustment – it seems to remember where it should be, even after a bad week.  My wife and son have stated treatment, too, and I hope my son will never experience the kind of pain I did.  Most importantly, I now have the energy and enthusiasm to play with him and take care of my family.

Beginning treatment with Dr. Trester is the best investment I could have made in myself, my family and our future.  I’m sincerely grateful and I’m working hard to “keep the lights on.”


Andy Torr

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

Hi my name is Rachel-Claire and I am 10 years old.  I’ve been very happy since I walked into the front door of Dr. Trester’s office.  All from then until now I’ve been greeted with a friendly, warm smile from Shalene.  It’s a great smile that would lighten your day like the nice feeling of chocolate fondue.  I came to Dr. Trester because I was having foot problems and it ached a lot.  My sister Kaylee had a headache problem and was referred to a chiropractor, and so I tagged along as well.  One day Dr. Trester said to me, “You have subluxations, like your sister” and I said, “Sorry I have whatta whatta?” and he said, “Subluxations”.  He explained to me what a subluxation is and it is when a bone on the spine interferes with the nerve.  Dr. Trester uses an instrument and hits the subluxation.  Now I’m use to what it feels like.  Before I saw Dr. Trester I was using the puffer because I have asthma, and had to go on the Flovent and Ventolin, Nasonex and other drugs like Tylenol, Benadryl, Claritin and antibiotics for pain.  After I visited Dr. Trester several times he said all those can cause subluxations so we tried to avoid them.  My mom, my sister, and I decided on a chiropractor because, we were referred by one of Kaylee’s friend’s mom.  She said it would help and it did.  We agreed and started going.  I’ve never been to a chiropractor before like Dr. Trester.  But I do have a Dentist, a Homeopathic Practitioner, a Doctor, and ENT Doctor, an Eye Doctor, an Asthma Doctor and now a Chiropractor.  I like the friendliness so much that I don’t want to leave.  Now I’m only coming twice a month.  I’m going to miss them and hopefully I will be able to take care of my subluxations and not make them worst.  From the start till now, my subluxations have gone from really bad to good.  Dr. Trester has told me and taught me to eat healthy, exercise, and avoid smoothies and juices, and to drink water instead.  This has changed my health and I’m happy with that because he is forcing me to be healthy and I do want to be healthy.  I would tell my closest friends and family members that chiropractors help you and live healthy and have a fun, fun life.  The spine will take care of you if you take care of it yourself.  Threat the spine how you want the spine to treat you and enjoy the curvature in the spine.  Thank you Dr. Trester and Shalene!!!!


Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

After suffering from headaches 4 days a week since a bicycle/auto collision in 2004 where I went head first through the rear window of a car that veered into our lane, I was in dire need of relief.  I had attempted various forms of treatment, some more thoroughly than others, but none provided relief.  Physical therapy, sports coaches, physician, all provided advice to my condition that had been originally treated at GF Strong Brain Trauma Clinic.  I had heard about chiropractic care in the past, but did not give it much consideration until I met Dr. Randall Trester at BNI, whom I felt comfortable enough with to give it a go.

Within a couple of weeks, Dr. Trester’s chiropractic care coupled with my consistent physical training as a bicycle racer, I could notice a drastic improvement in the mobility in my neck that had been reduced as a result of the auto accident.  I could actually shoulder check! It was just over a month, and my headaches were less than once a week as well.  All of these observations were made while my regular work/life balance remained the same, so I must attribute these benefits to my experiences with chiro care.
I was very well informed and examined before I commenced any procedures with Dr. Trester, so it was very clear on what I was embarking on before I committed.  It was also an ‘adjustment’ to my life at first to make room for 3 times a week visits, that over time have become once a week visits, but Dr. Trester’s staff (Shalene) is really flexible in booking the appointments, and the atmosphere of the clinic is such that it is conducive for relaxing or sending a few emails on the Blackberry while waiting to remain productive while attending to my overall well being!

I have already told my friends and family the difference that chiro has made to my physical health, and coming from a fitness fanatic, they know I am serious!  I train hard, race hard, and take my health very seriously as at the end of the day it is the only thing we have.  As a result of Dr. Randall Trester’s care, I foresee Chiropractic care to be part of my regular fitness and wellness regime for the balance of my days; for that I cannot thank him enough.

Kind regards

Robert Thompson

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

I had suffered with lower back pain since my early 20’s, I remember one morning I couldn’t get out of bed, I had to literally roll out of bed and crawl to  door and pull myself up using the door knob.  But of course the pain eventually dissipated.

As I got older the pain would come and go and I would take ‘off the shelf’ back muscle relaxants, and ignored the pain for years.  I knew chiropractic was an option and but my Doctor always seemed to steer me away from it.  Last Fall I came to Dr. Trester’s office with a friend who has been seeing him for quite some time.   Sitting in the office I was reading pamphlets and letters written by other patients, but what really sold me was Shalene’s personality, she spoke to each patient like a friend and always with a smile.   I started to ask her more questions about Chiropractic and she gave me certificate which could use towards my first session. 

My first visit with Dr. Trester was eye opener; he explained things in plain English and sincerity.  After looking at my x-rays and finally seeing what my spine looked like, I did not hesitate to take him on as my Chiropractor.  I first started  to come 3 times a week and then 2 times a week and now I am down to only twice a month…each  session with Dr. Trester is educational and inspirational.  I know that I’ll never go back to having the spine I had back in my teens but I now am educated enough to take care of it.
I speak very highly of my experience with Dr. Trester and of Chiropractic Care in general and advise my friends and family to look into Chiropractic Care and to the source of the pain before taking a pill to just cover it.  I am on the road too and also better educated as to how I can maintain my well being through stretches. 

“Your spine is designed for life, take care of it and it will take care of you” are great words to live by.

Thank you Dr. Trester and Shalene

Sailesh Nath

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

My treatment at Dr. Trester’s office began in the summer of 2009.  I had experienced lower back pain for some time, but always seems to “get by” with pain relievers until the pain I was feeling subsided, and things went back to “normal.”

However in July, I knew I was feeling something much more serious – something I had obviously neglected to address in the past – that I had allowed to get much worse.  I had sudden tremendous pain that made it difficult to sit in a chair, drive my car, really anything other than standing – that seriously scared me.  It was so debilitating, I was afraid I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life.  I even questioned if I would need to consider another line of work, which just added to my worry.

Knowing that chiropractic care is effective, though something I unfortunately never made time for in the past, I called a friend and received her recommendation to see Dr. Trester.  When I called the office that afternoon, this smiling voice (warm and caring Shalene) made room for me to see Dr. Trester the next day.

My x-rays showed I had some serious issued to address and Dr. Trester set me up on a regular schedule of adjustments.  He emphasized that having a positive attitude was just as important as my adjustments and encouraged me to commit to this treatment – keep my appointments, do my stretches (I hate doing them, but they make me feel great!) and I would be feeling much better soon.  He assured me that this would be effective treatment for me.  Well, here I am several months later, and I can say that the results have been incredible! I feel so much better, no longer the little “granny” who couldn’t even bend far enough to touch her knees in back in July.  The process has been a real education and I have learned many ways to better care for my spine – which translates into being a healthier person.

Our experience has truly been remarkable, as both my husband and I see Dr. Trester on a regular basis.  We have noticed other physical improvements too, which we know are not a coincidence, just more benefits of chiropractic care.  We feel great!

Kelly Parent

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

We first went to Dr. Trester in August 2008 to get our newborn daughter checked over.  We had heard that our niece had a good experience in early childhood, so we thought we would investigate.  Fortunately our daughter’s spine was in good condition.

Fast forward to Christmas 2008, I received a large pain in my lower back while carrying my daughter in a car seat, which was stretched out in front of me at the end of my reach.  Over the next few days I proceeded to take anti inflammatory drugs, but they seemed to have minimal effect.  That was when I decided I should try out chiropractic therapy for myself.

Because we had such a positive experience with our daughter at Dr. Trester’s office, I didn’t even think of going anywhere else.

Not only did the treatments help my immediate lower back problem, but my entire back from neck to hips feel much better, and in the case of my shoulders, I didn’t even know I could feed better.  It’s such a great feeling.

I had been having such a positive result that I encouraged my wife to get examined as well.  She wasn’t really experiencing any blatant back pain, but I know that she got frequent headaches, so why not get checked out?

Now our whole family is feeling better.  My back is feeling stronger, my wife gets headaches much less frequently, and our daughter is getting continual check ups so that she’ll hopefully only ever need minor adjustments.  The best part is that we’re able to play with our daughter without having to worry about whether we’re going to strain ourselves or not, we can just enjoy the time together.

Graeme Jahns

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

On May 6, 2009 I graduated from my Chiropractic care of “Corrective care” to “Wellness care”.  I was thrilled by my progress and guidance from Dr. Trester along the way.

My discomfort and pain started five years ago when I broke my collarbone.  The break left my shoulder and back stiff, achy and irritated with little relief.  As time passed the discomfort was getting worse and causing me pain.

I started my chiropractic treatment in Nov. 2008 through a referral of a friend to Dr. Trester’s office.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by Shalene’s warm smile and Dr. Trester’s professional caring, healing hands.

My diagnosis was much worse than I thought; I was losing the natural curve in my neck from sleeping without a pillow.  I had a rib out of place, which was a direct result of my break and my left hip was out of alignment.  I first started with care three times a week.  After three of four visits, I was aware of gradual steady relief with noticeable results in increased mobility.

Today is March 13, 2009 and I have 50% increased mobility in my neck, my rib is back in place and my hips are aligned.  I now visit the office once every two weeks.

I feel fantastic!!

Denean Sather, Financial Advisor

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

My name is Michelle McLeod and I am twenty-one years old.  I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Trester and his office since August of last year and currently go for adjustments once every two weeks.  I went to Dr. Trester’s office for an exam because of constant neck pain, chest pain,; especially when I slept and lower and upper back pain that I suffered as a  result of a seven month backpacking trip, making the previous damage even worse.  I’ve experienced back and chest pain for about ten years, ever since a painful accident, fracturing my rib in three places.  I have tried everything to find a solution for my pain; I’ve been to multiple x-rays, specialists and massage therapy.  Although the massage therapy did help relive my pain it was only temporary relief, that required constant weekly check-ups that did not always fit with my schedule.  Finally it feels after ten years of pain and discomfort I had found a solution, I went to see Dr. Trester based on a recommendation from my boyfriend.  I had never been to a chiropractor before but since I felt I had tried everything else, I decided to give it a try, what was the worst that could happen?

My first visit to se Dr. Trester I was very nervous, the idea of having my back “cracked” did not appeal to me.  I was greatly mistaken however, my first visit I was examined, an x-ray was taken and I was shown how the spine works and everything for my right hip, upper neck, and middle back, each adjustment helping to make me feel better.  After a handful of sessions and continued progress, Dr. Trester came up with a recovery plan, a seventeen week plan for adjustments to loosen up my tense, tight muscles and help my spine.  I had to make sure I kept up my part of the commitment, by, never missing m y appointments, drinking lots of water, increasing my exercise and do daily stretches on my own time.  Chiropractic care has completely enhanced my total wellness; I have completed my seventeen week plan and am now working on maintaining my wellness and stretching my spine.  I no longer suffer from chest pain, I sleep better, and I can be active for longer periods of time and only rarely suffer from discomfort.  I’ve told my friends and family about the care that I’ve been receiving and it’s sparked an interest for them in their lives, I think everyone should have a chiropractic examine, because the spine can tell us a lot about the pain we feel throughout our bodies, and it it’s not dealt with it can lead to bigger problems down the road.  There is no harm in getting examines, in fact, the younger he better, to reduce problems in our adult lives.

Michelle McLeod

Vancouver chiropractors, Vancouver chiropractor, Vancouver chiropractic, Chiropractor vancouver, Chiropractor in Vancouver

Good chiropractors are hard to find.  I’ve had three so far, including Dr. Trester, and given the fact that I am older than he is, I should be in good hands for a long time.  I have always been heavily involved in many different sports activities which do take a toll on your body after a while.  I also have had a few vehicle accidents where I have been hit from behind inflicted upon me to add to the mix.

After unsuccessful treatments with another Vancouver chiropractor, I began treatments and a recovery program with Dr. Trester for chronic back and neck pain, along with some let tingling and sciatica nerve problems.  Things were progressing very well until another car accident and being rear ended yet again, causing a relapse from the significant improvements I had made over a two year period.  This we started over, and now I am to the point where “normal” feels good again.  He also assisted with my lawyer in getting me a large settlement with ICBC.

Having a good chiropractor gives your body the boost it needs to heal and strengthen to a full recovery.  With proper structural integrity you can build our from there with fitness training and a proper diet, all part of the total “Wellness Care” that Dr. Trester prescribes to, and practices himself.

If you really want to get well from the inside out you need to get started with Dr. Trester! Thanks Dr. T!

Scott Carpenter

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