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Beat the winter blues and blahs!

Winter doesn't just bring grey skies, rainy days, and perfect powder on the black diamonds; it also brings with it a fair share of ailments. The most common are depression and the flu. These two bad boys can knock you down. The good news is chiropractic care can help.

Chiropractic + Depression
Most people don't know it, but there is a direct relation between your spine and the way you feel upstairs. When subluxations are present, they irritate the nervous system and signal the brain that you're not feeling well. When Dr. Trester helps correct those subluxations, your nervous system rebalances and the feelings of pain and sadness are reduced.

Chiropractic + The Flu
When your immune system is compromised, viruses high five and move in. Coughing, sneezing and fever ensue. To help prevent the onset of the flu and other flu-like viruses this season, come see Dr. Trester. Regular adjustments help keep the nervous system in line (which in turn keeps your immune system working well).

Stay Well This Winter
Stay vibrant and healthy this winter with these tips from Dr. Trester.

Next Month: How to survive the holidays with chiro + moderation!

Thank You

The highest compliment our practice members can offer is to let the world know about our office by referring others. Thank you to the following practice members for helping us help others!

Ailin F.
Angele A.
Barry D.
Ben L.
John G.
Lindsay and Ferdie C.

Mikkel P.
Naieli. N.
Rika M.
Siobhan O.
Ted L.

The holiday season is upon us and it's a great reminder of the many blessings we have had this year. It's also a great time to spread wealth, health, and spirit to those who may be less fortunate.

Give the gift of health this season.

From November 28 - December 22, purchase a West 1st Chiropractic Wellness Centre Gift Certificate for just $20! This includes a consultation and evaluation,
plus full spinal x-rays - normally a $223 value!

West 1st Chiropractic will match ALL gift certificate sold and donate the total
to a local foundation/charity. With your help, we hope to achieve our goal and
raise $2000, which will make a HUGE difference in the lives of others.


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Star of the month
Star of the month

Jill D.
"In 2001, I had my first experience with back pain. I later found out it was Spondylolisthesis, which means I have pain every day. I tried physio, acupuncture, chiro, massage, and various other remedies.

My fiancé passed me a coupon for Dr. Trester's office. Only 8 months later, I'm feeling great! A big part of that is the help I have received from this office.

As Dr. Trester will tell you, your spine is integral to the proper functioning of your entire body. Take care of it and you will feel your best all the time. When you don't feel great, come back into the office. Or like me, don't ever leave!"

Congratulations Jill! We're proud of you for taking control of your overall health and wellness.

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Wellness Club

These practice members have graduated from initial care to ongoing wellness care. Congratulations on your dedication and the progress you've made!

Gracie B.
Jacob T.
Kari B.
Maya S.
Naieli N.
Roy Y.

Welcome to the World!

Congratulations to our practice members on their newest additions!

Gabriel - born to Lindsay and Ferdie on Oct 11

Reid - born to Joss and Warren on Oct 19

Easton - born to Jenn and Brad on Oct 21

Baby Boy - born to Sandra and Pablo on Oct 22

Samuel - born to Karen and Jeremy on Oct 31

All newborns receive a
complimentary spinal
check up.


Star of the month

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Dr Trester

We are excited to announce that on Friday, November 18th our x-ray is being upgraded to a high quality digital system. This will allow us to be more green and sustainable to our patients and the environment by not using any toxic chemicals. We will now be able to provide thorough assessments with the most up to date innovative technology.

Dr Trester