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All About Mom!!

Although new babies are a great source of joy and unconditional love, they inevitably cause a little bit of wear and tear on mom and her spine.

Sixteen percent of new moms experience persistent lower back pain, and many others develop vertebral subluxation - a condition where the spinal bones become restricted or misaligned causing interference to the nervous system. Dr. Trester focuses on correcting these subluxations with gentle and effective adjustments so moms can get back to doing the great work that moms do!

Tips for a healthy post-partum spine

In addition to regular adjustments, Dr. Trester recommends that new moms practice the following tips to keep their back in good health and their baby-holding time pain-free.

If you received chiropractic care during pregnancy, continue to do so for your best spinal health as your body recovers from childbirth. If you are a new mom and are not yet receiving chiropractic care, call Dr. Trester to schedule an evaluation.

Next Month: Chiropractic care and golfing - we can strengthen your back but not your swing.

The highest compliment our practice members can offer is to let the world know about our office by referring others. Thank you to the following practice members for helping us help others!

Jenny M.
Deanna S.
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Star of the month
Star of the month

Jasvir M.

"When I first came to Dr. Trester, my back and neck were in such bad shape. I had sharp pains going up my back. I also had a hard time breathing. I felt very uncomfortable on the road and in meetings with clients.

Dr. Trester has treated me for four months now, and I have to say my back is almost 100 percent and my neck is much improved.

It was a great experience from start to finish. Dr. Trester's treatments have increased the quality of my life. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Trester."

Congratulations to Jasvir for taking control of his overall heath and wellness.

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Wellness Club

These practice members have graduated from initial care to ongoing wellness care. Congratulations on your dedication and the progress you've made!

Bryan S.
Sean B.
Celina R.
Tyler R.
Meghan W.
Ren F.
Quinn A.
Noah K.
Welcome to the World

April was a big month for babies! Congratulations to our practice members on their newest additions!

Vanessa - born to Gabbie and Yosem on April 4th

Isla - born to Celina and Tyler on April 16th

Elu - born to Jen and Rafe on April 17th

Maya - born to Xiomary and Brad on April 24th

All newborns receive a complimentary spinal check up.

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