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Chiropractic is great (and safe) for your kids

The aches and pains you feel as an adult are often caused from years (and years and years) of traumas and stress. Spinal subluxations can start at birth and carry on throughout childhood. Kids are notorious for skinned knees, broken bones, bumped heads, and bruised elbows. All of the thumps and bumps of childhood can wreak havoc on a developing spine.

Dr. Trester is a certified pediatric chiropractor. He gently and safely adjusts spinal subluxations in newborns, children, and adolescents to help their spines mature healthfully over time. He reviews developmental milestones to make sure that your kids are on track for healthy growth.

Let kids be kids!
Kids can run, bounce, dive, jump, and play with even more zest with a few quick, easy (and even fun) stretches & a healthy diet. Check out our healthy kids tips here

All newborns receive a free spinal assessment. Call Dr. Trester today!

Next Month: Nutrition and your nervous system.

Thank You

The highest compliment our practice members can offer is to let the world know about our office by referring others. Thank you to the following practice members for helping us help others!

Brian J.
Darryl Y.
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The Golf and Travel Show

Best in the City 2012!Great news: Dr. Trester won 2nd Place in the Westender's Best of
the City Awards in the
Chiropractor Category.

Thank you to everyone who voted.
We appreciate your support and
your ongoing commitment to health and wellness!

The Orange Board

In honour of Valentine's Day, we asked you: How do you love yourself?
•  I practice hot yoga
•  I keep my adjustment
   appointments with Dr. T
•  I visit Dr. T and
   Shalene regularly
•  I read a book on
   my day off
•  I feed my body
   proper nutrition
•  I run and eat Organic Lives
   Love Heart Cookies
•  I get sleep
•  I eat a plant-based diet
•  I play in the Mountains
•  I eat more treats
•  I exercise
•  I laugh often - loudly
•  I choose to eat healthy
•  I surround myself with
   positive people
•  I go for a run even when
   I don't feel like it

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Star of the month
Star of the month

Raj T.
"I was having trouble all over and went everywhere looking for help - x-rays, CT scans, specialists, physiotherapy, even another chiropractor. No one could give me answers. Every step was painful. The pain was changing the way I looked at life; I lost confidence and joy.

My massage therapist recommended Dr. Trester. He took x-rays and put me on a 6-month plan. After a few treatments, I started feeling better. Now, walking is not a chore. I'm back to being happy go lucky with lots of confidence.

It's an ongoing process, but with every treatment I get closer to my goals. I can't thank Dr. Trester enough. He is a life saver."

Congratulations Raj on your commitment to health and wellness. You're on the upswing and we know you'll achieve your health goals soon.

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Welcome to the world!

Congratulations to our practice members on their newest additions!

Levi - born to Jessica and Joe on Jan 10

Sophia - born to Amanda and Kevin on Jan 11

All newborns receive a complimentary spinal check up.

Wellness Show 2012

Visit Dr. Trester and Shalene
at the Wellness Show
February 17-19.

We will be talking about the benefits of chiropractic care, demonstrating chiropractic techniques, and sharing
healthy living tips.

Hope to see you there!

The Golf and Travel Show

Before you dust off your irons and hit the practice greens,
visit Dr. Trester at the Golf and Travel Show, March 3-4.

Lots of great tips for staying strong and aligned on the
links. See you there!


Dr Trester

We love when our practice members share
good living tips! Congratulations to everyone
for taking control of your health and wellness.

Dr Trester