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Happy (and healthy) Halloween

Sure, those rum balls can be tempting. But too many treats, carbs, and here-and-there nibbles can wreak havoc on your waistline - and your ongoing health. Throw some walks, ski days, and vegetables into the mix, and your nervous system will thank you.

Chiropractic + Ongoing Wellness
When your routine is off - like during the holidays - and eating and exercise patterns change, stay consistent with your chiropractic care. Dr. Trester can locate and correct spinal subluxations caused by holiday idleness and stress, which helps keep your body well and your nervous system functioning into the New Year.

After all, every time a vertebral subluxation is corrected, positive effects are felt throughout the body simultaneously!

We wish you health!
If the holidays are stressing you out, take a few moments to read (and practice) these holiday stress-relieving tips. Your spine, your mind, and your nervous system will thank you.

Next Month: Healthy resolutions and how to make them stick!

Thank You

The highest compliment our practice members can offer is to let the world know about our office by referring others. Thank you to the following practice members for helping us help others!

Amy S.
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Scan the code, click Like, and you'll be entered to win this month's spinetastic prize - a $100 gift card from Organic Lives! A great way to start off a healthy new year!

Give health and give back!

The holiday season is upon us and it's a great reminder of the many blessings we have had this year. It's also a great time to spread wealth, health, and spirit to those who may be less fortunate.

Give the gift of health this season.
From November 28 - December 22, purchase a West 1st Chiropractic Wellness Centre Gift Certificate for just $20!

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Star of the month
Star of the month

Doreen L.
"I came to Dr. Trester because I wished to improve my wellbeing. Even though I am 79, I enjoy a very active lifestyle. For 20 years, I thought that my swelling feet, ankles, and legs were normal. I tried acupuncture and bilateral litigation, but the problem was not completely corrected.

After a few months of treatment from Dr. Trester, the circulation in my legs, feet, and ankles improved so greatly that after a recent two-week 5100km driving trip, I had no swelling! My lumbar spine has strengthened to the point that I am no longer susceptible to the physical stresses I had before.

I have suggested to family and friends that if they want "Only The Best", they should visit Dr. Trester."

Congratulations Doreen! We're proud of you for taking control of your overall health and wellness.

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Wellness Club

These practice members have graduated from initial care to ongoing wellness care. Congratulations on your dedication and the progress you've made!

Houtan A.
Lindsay F.
Marija K.

Holiday Hours

Please note that our office will be closed December 23, 2011 - January 1, 2012. Re-opening January 2, 2012 at 7am.


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Congratulations Robert Luft!

Robert is a patient who just won the Recipe to Riches - Entrée division - for "Bobby's Slow and Low Pulled Pork".

Congratulations, Robert! Well done!

Dr Trester
Dr Trester

This includes a consultation and evaluation, plus full spinal x-rays - normally a $223 value!

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