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It is always exciting when a patient comes into the office excited about the changes they are seeing after getting adjusted. It can range from being able to golf for 18 holes with ease, to getting a full night’s sleep to being able to pick up their kids again. Sometimes it’s a parent saying how much happier and easier to get along with their child is since they started care. All of these are great and potentially life-changing events.

When this happens, often the patient or the parent will give me the credit for the exciting results. While everyone likes praise now and again, it’s the patient’s body and its ability to heal itself that should receive more recognition. Inside each of us lies the potential to express health more fully. Chiropractic care releases interference on the nervous system that enables the body to better express that potential. This enhances our ability to heal and to generally function at a higher level.

All of these wonderful things can happen because that possibility lies within us. As a chiropractor, I am a facilitator for the healing and the changes that take place. I make sure that the spine is healthy and not interfering with your nervous system. The intelligence of the body does the rest. It boils down to the best doctor in the world, Dr. You.

Going forward, realize that your body does the healing. Have confidence in that. With a little outside help, great things can happen. The Dr. You inside all of us is ready to help us, the best it can.


Once I start seeing a chiropractor, how long do I have to go?

It depends on how you want to use chiropractic care. It can be used as a treatment of a certain ailment or you can choose to use it as a way of maintaining and improving your health and wellness. Using the first approach limits the time but also the benefits you receive. Approaching chiropractic care with overall wellness in mind allows you the opportunity to explore increasing levels of performance. With a healthier spine and nervous system, you can experience a higher quality of life. If you choose chiropractic for the health benefits, then ask yourself the following question. When do you stop brushing your teeth, eating well or exercising? It is the same time you stop seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. Make chiropractic care a part of your healthy lifestyle.


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Referral Rewards Program

Just to remind everyone with the referral of every new patient you get 1 free adjustment. So send in a friend, family member or co-worker.

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Chiropractic Care Can Help...
Our goal is to adjust the spine to help stimulate your body's natural healing process.

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