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The Most Powerful Key to a Healthier You

The title of this article sounds like a great lead-in to a late night infomercial.  Act quickly!  Limited time offer! Receive a brand new set of Gin-Su knives if you place your order today! Some of you are probably thinking that the key is chiropractic care.  While getting your spine adjusted can have life-changing consequences; that is not the focus of this article.  The most powerful key to a healthier you is consistency.

How do people become leaders in their chosen fields?  Years and years of hard work.  How do people become champions in their chosen sports?  Years and years of hard work.  These people have dedicated themselves to constantly improving themselves.  Each day they spend hours learning and practicing their art. Consistently.  Sure they take time off occasionally but they get right back to what makes them great.

The same can be said for being great at being healthy.  You have to be consistent with your habits.  That is why I recommend continued chiropractic care for those people who want to get the most out of their health.  You can choose to stop chiropractic care at any point.  But if want a healthy spine and nervous system to support you in all the other things you do, consistent, regular care is necessary.  Researchers are also discovering this in studies were people take vitamins and supplements.  Those that took them regularly got the most benefit.  Why do you think health care professional recommend regular exercise?

The key to a healthier you is consistency.  Sorry, no magic bullet or short cuts. Just consistency. Drink water, work out, take your supplements, get adjusted, have a massage regularly.  It’s a simple yet powerful thing to make a difference in your health over a lifetime.


Question of the Month

Can chiropractic care help me improve my sports performance?

Chiropractic care improves the relationship between the spine and the nervous system.  The nervous system connects the brain to the body and the spine ensures that the connection is clear.  When that happens, our bodies perform better.  A recent study demonstrated that chiropractic care improves reaction time in the body.  This has implications for most sports as timing and responses are critical in performing them well.  For example, a golf swing needs to be properly coordinated to be done well.  Chiropractic care has far reaching effects on sports performance.


Health News

Bird flu threat not so grave, CDC chief says

“There is no evidence it will be the next pandemic,” Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, said of avian flu. There is “no evidence it is evolving in a direction that is becoming more transmissible to people.”  This was reported on April 13, 2006.  To read more:

An important point needs to be made here.  It’s not that there won’t, at some time, be a major health emergency that we need to be prepared for.  The problem is the fear that is instilled in the public every time the next swine flu, SARS or bird flu comes around.  Constant fear has a very negative effect on our health and performance.  Please be prepared but not stressed out when the next possible pandemic is announced. 

U.S. kids getting too bulky for car seats

“Thousands of American toddlers are too fat to be properly protected by their car-safety seats in a crash, a new study reports. The research concludes that at least 283,000 U.S. children aged one to six are too heavy for standard seats, including booster seats commonly used for children aged four and up.”  To read more:

Although this is a U.S. based study, the implications are the same for Canada.  We continually need to be aware of rising obesity rates in our children.  Our efforts need to be focused on getting and keeping kids active.  This will make such a difference in their health as they approach adulthood.





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