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Now that we have been through another election, more promises have been made about how to make the healthcare system better.  The idea of guaranteed wait times was one of the main issues.  What would be refreshing is to have a government take an objective look at the whole system and what it delivers.  A better question to ask is ‘Why are so many people in line?’  Or to get further to core of the matter ‘What is health?’

For a system to deliver healthcare, it must define what health is.  The World Health Organization defines health as “Optimal physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absence of disease.”  This is a good starting point.  It puts health as a whole experience rather than not having symptoms or problems.  Does our current system deliver health – care?  Or is it about waiting for something to be wrong before you do anything about it?

As individuals and a community, it is time to ask the right questions and think outside the box when we consider healthcare.  What is another way to reduce wait times for surgeries and procedures?  What about having a healthier population so not as many people are in line. Here is another question to ask.  I am already healthy and want to get healthier - Where can I turn?  Does our system support this?  That would truly be a health – care system. 

Healthcare as it is delivered today is helpful if you are sick, having a disease, a condition or a crisis.  A faster time to get surgery is a noble goal to relieve the suffering of people.  But let’s not stop at that as a sign of great healthcare.  Let’s strive for a society that is actually healthy overall.  Let’s start by redefining health and be innovative as to how we achieve it.


Question of the Month

Why do you recommend drinking water after you get adjusted?

Water is an integral part of health and wellness.  It’s important after you get adjusted as well. When the spine is adjusted, the nervous system works better.  Often times this allows the body to flush its self of toxins and bring nutrition in.  This process goes much smoother if there is adequate water available to the body.  Always remember to make water a part of a healthy lifestyle, especially after a trip to your chiropractor!


Health News

Protect kids from computer injuries, safety council urges

 “Researchers fear the popularity of computers and video games is responsible for an increase in injuries among children,” states a recent report from the Canadian Safety Council.  The Council president said that long-term health problems could develop if where they use the computer or video games isn’t set up properly.  Read more:

Unfortunately, the home computer is often set up on a kitchen table rather than a computer desk.  The child should have a chair and desk that fits and supports them well.  Parents should also encourage their children to take frequent breaks and to tell them to be aware of their posture while playing games.



Congratulations to Tricia and Mark on the birth of their beautiful baby Nicholas born on February 2, 2006.



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