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Resolutions for a Healthy 2006

When the New Year rolls around, our focus and thoughts turn to resolutions and goals for the next year.  We look at aspects of our life that we can improve or work on as we go forward.   One of the ways we do this is to look back at what we didnít accomplish over the past year.  Sometimes as we do this, we end up beating ourselves up for past failures.  Letís reverse our thinking and look at the positive things we did in 2005.

People are generally too hard on themselves.  When setting a new goal, they see the person who didnít lose the 25 pounds or become independently wealthy.  While looking at the glass that is half empty can motivate us, it is important to acknowledge the part that is half full as well.

I would encourage you to sit down and make a list of the good things you accomplished in 2005.  Did you run a 5 km race, donate to a local charity or the Tsunami/Katrina relief fund or take a vacation with your family?  Make sure the list is at least 20 items long.  Be brave and try for 100 things. It may take a while, but look for the things you did do this year.

Do this before you start your resolutions for this year. Be proud of and acknowledge your accomplishments. Celebrate yourself before you jump into what you want to do in the future. Chances are there is a lot to celebrate!


Question of the Month

Why would I want to keep going to a chiropractor even after I feel better?

Continuing to be under chiropractic care has many benefits whether you have symptoms or not. Your spine is the main support for your nervous system. Messages that run and manage your health originate and travel over the nervous system. Low-grade misalignments of your spine donít cause pain but can disrupt those messages, causing a downward spiral in your health. Regular chiropractic adjustments remove the low-grade misalignments. Your body can better manage your health and wellness when the messages get through clearly. You can enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Skiing a full day, completing the round of golf and picking up your grandkids can be performed with greater ease. Stick with your care even after you ďfeelĒ better.


Health News

Sydney researchers explain how stress can make you sick

Chiropractors have been saying that the stresses we are subjected to directly affect our nervous system and therefore our health and well-being. This study from Australia identifies the relationship between stress, our nerve system, immune system and sickness. To read more:

Although they conclude with a solution of developing a drug for immune system function, Chiropractors conclude that since there is such an interconnected communication between the nerve and immune system, reducing nerve system stress with chiropractic is a safer way to enhance immune system function. Read the literature on the effects of chiropractic care on immune system function here:

Merck hid bad Vioxx outcomes

In the ongoing saga of what drug companies do to insure tremendous sales of their drugs despite their dangers, comes this story.  Vioxx maker Merck & Co. concealed heart attacks by three patients during the clinical trial for the drug.  The reason Vioxx was pulled from the market was because it was causing heart attacks and strokes.  Merck claimed the drug was safe based on this study.  To read more:


In 2006, please become a health consumer.  Protect yourself and your family by taking an active role in your wellness.  Get educated about health options and please consider all of them.



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